MEITA GROUP is a Taiwan based company started since August 1977, one of the leading manufacturer of engine child components, catering to the requirements of the Internal Combustion engine industry as well as automobile child parts related to casting and machining. Various quality activities are deployed around the business philosophy, in order to improve capability, product quality and achieve commitment to customers. In order to adapt the further requirement of market and the internal quality management, this quality manual is developed according to ISO/TS 16949:2009 & ISO9001:2008 standard, to further standardize production, business and management.

This quality manual is the guideline for all quality activities deployed in our company. It is the core of internal quality management system. Everyone in the company is committed to maintaining and improving quality management system, and being dedicated to the prosperity and development of company.

Business Mottos

Customer is top priority

  • Customer is an External Customer
  • Exiting
  • Potential
  • Internal Customer
  • Next Process
  • People around Us
  • Ensure Customers Satisfaction
  • People Respect Who respect themselves
  • Embrace Self–discipline

Honesty comes first

  • Don’t disclose Company information
  • Keep your Promise always
  • Treat People Sincerely
  • Treat Everything as Valuable
  • Do the right things
  • No Rumor, Corruption and Selfishness

Care for each other

  • Do hard work and get Result
  • Take rest at Home and Get Energy
  • Company will take care of Welfare
  • Have Concern for Subordinate and Family
  • Extend Mutual

Learn Actively

  • Participate in Company Training
  • Develop Personality, Ability and Potentiality
  • Teach and Guide with Patience
  • Ask and learn
  • Learn and observation
  • Continuously Review and Grow